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Inventory Block API Rest v2

Please note: It is your responsibility to properly set up all translation features, perform testing, and request support from ShipEdge in a timely manner. It is your responsibility to test and verify the integration between ShipEdge and any 3rd party selling channel. We strongly recommend frequent testing of any integration, especially when changes occur on your selling channel (e.g. SKU renaming, shipping method variations, permissions, and credentials). ShipEdge is not responsible for translation issues, omitted orders, or any other issues related to communication with any 3rd party selling channel. Support for channel automation requires at least 24 hours for investigation before any action can be taken (hourly development charges may apply). The warehouse is not responsible for any omission, duplication or error in your orders coming through this system, and you agree not to get the warehouse involved in integration issues, nor will they make any exception or procedure changes due to the use of this feature.

This API requires OAuth authentication






  • Changes bincategory_id to 6 (blocked)



warehouse_id (*)varcharWarehouse name
account_id (*)intYour account ID
skuvarcharThe SKU we need to block
lotvarcharThe LOT we need to block

Example request

    "sku": "abc123",
    "lot": "123456789"

Example response

    "status": "successful",
    "result": "Bin blocked"



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